Thursday, October 26, 2006

There’s trouble in paradise...

Nike must address sluggish sales in some of its key markets

Nike seems to be doing ‘just’ fine. It just bettered analyst estimates with its results and is just having an outstanding sprint at the bourses. Well, the ‘swoosh’ might be swooshing ahead in panache, but there are still hurdles that can make the journey a bumpy one. On September 21, Nike announced its financial results for the quarter ended August 2006, which saw a strong top-line growth of 8.54% to $4.19 billion. However, there was an year on year earnings decline by 13% to $377.2 million. CEO Mark Parker commented, “While making major brand investments to drive key markets and implementing new accounting rules to include stock option expenses, we continued to deliver strong top line growth...” Nike’s share prices shot up by 6% to $87.62 since the announcement (as on September 29, 2006).
Nike boasts of positive worldwide future orders for the quarter ending January 2007 (up by 6% year on year). The Adidas-Reebok merger doesn’t seem to be much trouble yet. As Christopher Svezia, Analyst, Susquehanna Financial Group, LLP puts it, “We believe Nike has certainly exploited the situation... by taking shelf space away from Reebok. We don’t believe Adidas-Reebok merger has been in a situation to negatively impact Nike.” However, Nike still faces the challenge of inventory build-up (up by 15% in the current quarter) that outpaces its single digit sales growth. Furthermore, it faces weak sales in Japan, its largest market in Asia Pacific and UK, the largest in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. Back home, mall-based presence in US needs to perk up as they play a big role in creating demand for Nike’s products. Unless it addresses these strategic issues, it could be in for a rough road ahead. For complete information on IIPM Articles, please click here... , Also visit: Arindam Chaudhuri Initiative

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The average rent per day in five star hotels in the city towered to as much as Rs.11,000...

The maximum growth in ARRs was witnessed in Bangalore, backed by the demand from the ever growing IT industry (and its much frequent expat-driven seminars). The average rent per day in five star hotels in the city towered to as much as Rs.11,000, a swell of 25% as compared to year earlier. The soaring numbers have once again brought back the hotel industry into the limelight. More than 120 luxury hotel projects have already been announced. In order to cash in, Taj Group has announced its plans to build (or acquire) 23 additional hotels, adding more than 2,000 rooms to its war chest. Even realty players like DLF are entering the new battleground, which has already seen international hotel brands like Amanda, Satinwoods, Banana and many others announce their India plans. So the next time you have a fight with your wife and are thinking of trudging up to the nearest hotel, better call up before leaving your home!

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Editor: Arindam Chaudhuri; Source: B&E and IIPM Publication

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

And their deadly plans! :: IIPM Editorial

US & Europe face a deadly recession due to slump in housing prices

Be it an active mortgage broker in Madrid, or Paris Hilton in New York, or Lenny Kravitz in Miami, or Mel Gibson & Britney Spears in California; there’s something common about all of them. First, everybody has made fortunes out of the recent housing boom. Second, each one of them, and the US & Euro economy, equally run the deadly risk of going belly up once this bubble pops. The June 2006 data of the US housing sector is definitely no breather for those who are still locked in the sector as the Home Builders/Wells & Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) slipped to its lowest since 1995. On an extremely perilous note, HMI, which was at 46.01 points in May 2006, came crashing down to 42.39 in June.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

IIPM Publication: Other“wise” lies : IIPM

McKinsey is way off in its advice

So allow us to give the corrigendum for McKinsey’s much touted report titled ‘Accelerating India’s Growth Through Financial Sector Reform,’ released with much pomp in the previous month. The report appears to be very critical about RBI’s banking sector reforms & capital deployment by Indian banks. As per the findings of the report, 57% of total credit goes to small scale industries & agriculture. The report suggests that banks need to immediately decrease this as lending to these sectors is thoroughly (surprise, surprise) “unproductive!” And if one goes by the verdict of McKinsey, letting foreign investors barge into India’s financial system is the only way out. McKinsey couldn’t have been further away from the truth. The fact is that agriculture happens to be the only sector which can propel India to achieve a magical growth rate of 10%. Rajeev Kumar, Director, ICRIER, vociferously asserts, “Employment generation & poverty alleviation are among just a few of the benefits from the priority sectors, which support 60% of India’s total population and thus, the credit flow to these sectors is undebatable.” Without doubt, lending to priority sectors should most necessarily continue, and perhaps with much more allocation. The report also highlights that Indian banks lend only 61% of their deposits.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

INGAF training program held by IIPM

The Director of INGAF, Ms. Soma Roy Burman, praised IIPM's training initiatives by stating, "I must thank IIPM for collaborating in this workshop. I would also like to inform you that almost all the participants graded the IIPM sessions as 'Outstanding' in their feedback. Hope to be working together with IIPM again."

IIPM had recently conducted a workshop on Organisation Behavior and Team Work on behalf of The Institute of Government Accounts & Finance (INGAF), the training arm of Controller General of Accounts, Govt. of India. The training workshop was conducted over a period of two days - April 28th and 29th at the INGAF training centre in New Delhi. The trainees were a group of 25 senior medical practitioners from various parts of the country, who have been brought together by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India in order to form a team to implement strategies to eradicate the deadly TB disease from the country as a part of a WHO project.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hyundai in India (IIPM Editorial)

As far as Hyundai’s India operations are concerned, most analysts seem to think at the moment that there is nothing to be worried about. Says auto analyst Shapur Kotwar, “I don’t think it affects and apart from bankruptcy or any such thing, it does not affect customer perception.” Surely, ex-CEO B. V. R. Subbu’s most recent exit from Hyundai (on March 24, 2006), and even that of Hyundai’s marketing manager Sanjeev Shukla (who has joined Hero Honda on April 28, 2006), would seem just a mite too coincidental to accept. Without doubt, there is no immediate danger of the house of Hyundai in India collapsing like a pack of cards. But then, even the other conglomerate Daewoo was a powerful and rapidly growing corporate entity in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006


New Delhi, April 2006: Dreams are weaved out of ambitions, expectations and a desire to live happily and prosperously. In this busy world, everyone wants a fresh breath of air. That’s what IIPM always ventures out for. The Indian Institute of Planning and Management had recently organized India’s largest Inter-School Debate Competition- “CICERO’S CHALLENGE 2006 -GREAT INDIAN DEBATE COMPETITION” at IIPM International Campus, Satbari (Mehrauli Chattarpur Road) in South Delhi from April 21-22, 2006. First time ever an initiative have been taken by a B- School to create a platform for a school level Debate Competition in the city.

Cicero’s Challenge had paved the way for a new beginning of an era at a national level that IIPM had organized. The Great Indian Dream: “It is a Question of Evolution, Not Revolution” , being the topic of the debate in the DEBATE COMPETITION, swooshed up the environment with the students strong logic and justification. The exposure of their knowledge, oratory skills and confidence captivated the souls of all the spectators present there. The finalists for the competition were Sanskiti School, Doon School, Mayo College, DPS-RKP, Modern School-Barakhamba, out of which Varun Vaish of Sanskriti School was proved to the best in the pool of knowledge who won the cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh. The second prize went to the combined winner Chinmaya Kulkarni from Ferguson College-Pune and Rishab Animesh from Bishop Cotton College; and last but not the least the third prize went to Sankalp from National Public School, Bangalore. The judges of the debate competition included Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri, Dean, IIPM, Ms. Malvika Tewari, actress and stained glass designer and Mr. Gautam Bimani, the famous commentator from ESPN - the role models for all the students who had always been influencing them by their oratory prowess. Mr. Bimani on this occasion commented “ I am overwhelmed with their oratory skills and way of presenting their logic. I would not feel ashamed to say that I have much to learn from these kids”. The whole atmosphere was made all the more interesting and lively by the awesome mix of wits and entertaining comments from the moderator of the competition, Cyrus Sahookar, MTV VJ.

The two day event was a great success in the presence of leading academicians, high profile celebrities, socialites, style icons and last but not the least- the enthusiastic, young student mass. CICERO’S CHALLENGE did not only restrict itself in the world of knowledge. One of the most highlighting competitions, being the Rock Competition was held on April 21st, wherein, again finalist from different schools and colleges took part anxiously. But finally, the show was rocked over by Modern School, Barakhamba by beating their close competitor from Cambridge School who won the Radio Mirchi Rock Competition award just last week. The judges for the show were Mr. Arush Vohra, owner of ‘Auto Psyche’, Ms. Rajita Chaudhuri, Dean- Centre for Under Graduate Studies, IIPM and Mr. Naveen Chamoli, Director, Planman ITES.

Personality is the mirror of one’s total being. IIPM also organized a High School Personality, wherein the contest prize went to Kartick Jain from Modern High School and Upasana, from Bangalore. One of the participants from Bangalore, said, “ I really liked the way the whole show have been organized. The impartial and correct judgment from all the competitions made us all the more satisfied. We long to participate every year and be a part of IIPM”. Quiz, Creative Writing, Choreography, Collage Making, Face Painting, Antakshari and Dumb Charades were few of the other competitions that’s was on the card of the two day event.

An ‘out of the world and entertaining evening’ was one of the most happening thing that could bring an end to the two day event on April 22. It was a Rock Show from the band STRINGS, a musical band from Pakistan, who has recently given us a musical bonanza in the film ‘ZINDA’. The main intention of this rock show was to create a AIDS/HIV awareness campaign. It was a rocking evening full of enthusiasm, songs, dancing and loud entertaining crowd with the intention of delivering the silent social message, which brought an happy ending to Cicero’s Challenge 2006.

The whole of India would earnestly wait for Cicero’s Challenge 2007. IIPM has always been paving the way for one’s overall improvement and encouragement; and this is one of those many initiatives of IIPM to lay a platform to DARE TO DREAM & THINK BEYOND… IIPM promises to come back again next year with another round of challenges.

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